Strengthening and Mobility Moves to Help Ease Sciatica Pain


Sciatica Pain: Those suffering from Sciatica go through burning, shooting and tingling pains down their legs on a regular basis. This is definitely a ‘tough’ life. Dr, Charles Kim, who is a specialist in pain management and a physiatrist at NYU Langone Sports health, explains that this pain in sciatica is due to irritated bones, nerves or the disks placed in the lower back muscles. According to Dr. Kim, those suffering from this pain need to avoid any sort of exercises when going through the pain but concentrating on strengthening the core muscles can bring down flare-ups in the future.

Sam Becourtney who is associated with Bespoke Treatments NYC as a certified coach, advises on easing into the exercises and getting the approval of your doctor for any moves you intend making for exercising the muscles.

Tips on Mobility Moves:


*Start on your knees and hands with a neutral spine, in a position of quadruped.

*Arch the back trying to go only one vertebra at one time, round your spine by reversing this position.

*Ensure you go in ranges which are small in the initial stages and perform ten repetitions in 3 sets.

Prone press Ups:

*Lay on your stomach on the floor with hands by the armpits and elbows bent.

*Press your chest off of ground by keeping your hips on the ground and extend the lower half of the back till the point of tolerance.

*This need to be done in 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

Sciatic Nerve Flossing:

*Sit on a chair with your back against the wall or even the chair.

*Bring the chin down to the chest, and extend one knee to straighten the leg in front of you.

*For each leg you need to do around 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

*You can start this in the regressed version as the knee straight, chin down and the toes pointed up works provocative on your nerves.

Lumbar ‘Windshield wipers’:

*Start on the back with the knees bending, arms out on the side and the feet together.

*Keep your upper back and shoulders on the ground and bring the knees to one side while exhaling, then reverse to the next direction after bringing this back to the middle.

*This needs to be done with 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

Activities that tend to exacerbate the symptoms of sciatica need to be avoided till the time the symptoms subside.

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