Ice Cubes for Skin Care


Ice Cubes for Skin Care

Summer and ice go hand in hand. You find that summer is one time when you cannot do without ice and want to add this to most of your beverages. This is definitely refreshing but not many are aware that ice works well even for skin care during summers. Using different skin care products might work well but why not decide on ice which is freely available and can benefit you in multiple ways. This can reduce inflammation of the skin, get rid of acne and pimples, and boost the circulation of blood and much more.

  1. Tackling Sunburn:

Exposing your skin to the sun for a long period of time can lead those nasty sunburns. The penetration of the harmful UV rays into your skin tends to damage the skin cells. You have the choice of using cucumber ice cubes or even aloe vera gel to get some sort of a relief. The cooling properties of the ice cubes absorb the heat from the skin.

  1. Reducing Oil in the Skin:

Summers tend to increase the oil in the skin and this is definitely problematic especially for those who are already tackling oily skin. Applying ice cubes can be very helpful as ice keeps a check on the oil secretion.

You can rub your face with ice cubes wrapped in paper towel and once you find a difference to the oiliness of the skin you can apply a mild moisturizer. Ice cubes with mint can be ideal.

  1. Exfoliate the Skin:

Exfoliation is a ‘must’ for all types of skin and the best way to go about this is applying ice cubes. This can remove the dead skin and keep your skin looking fresh. Instead of water, it is advisable to freeze milk and also add cucumber and blue berries to each block. The lactic acid of the milk tends to scrub away the dead skin cells. The cucumber and the blue berries are antioxidants which can offer a face lift.

  1. Puffy Eyes:

With the hectic lifestyle followed by most these days, puffy eyes are a common problem. Using ice cubes as a remedy works out convenient and affordable. As mentioned, ice cubes work well for all types of inflammation and puffy eyes are a type of inflammation.

  1. Tackling Acne:

Acne is normally due to the excessive oil produced by your skin. Using ice might not get rid of the pimple totally but is can definitely shrink it or compress it. The discomfort faced is less.

  1. Elimination of Dark Circles:

Application of ice on your face on a regular basis can eliminate the problem of dark circles. You can freeze a mixture of rose water and cucumber for the best results.

Though ice cubes are beneficial for the skin it is important not to over-do this. Make sure you use this maximum once a day and not more. You also need to ensure that you clean out all the make-up from your face before using ice cubes. This ice cube therapy should not last more than 15 minutes.

Ice Cubes for Skin Care:

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