Tips for Long and Lustrous Hair


Tips for Long and Lustrous Hair

Not many are fortunate to have long and healthy hair. You find most people are ready to try out anything for healthy hair which is long. Scarce hair, dry hair or unhealthy hair can be due to multiple reasons. This might be hereditary or probably due to the weather conditions. This can also be due to your unhealthy eating habits or trying out too many appliances on your hair. Following the listed hair growth tips can be helpful to all those looking for long and healthy hair.

  1. It is important to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis as damaged ends can be the worst enemy of hair growth. Split ends can affect the shine and also tamper with the growth, volume and health of your hair.
  2. The scalp is important for healthy hair. Ensure that the scalp is free of grime, dirt and oil so that hair growth is not affected. You need to massage the scalp gently when you shampoo your hair. You can also apply aloe vera gel for additional moisturizing. This needs to be kept on the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes and then washed.
  3. Stay away from chemical hair treatments. It is advisable to choose natural products so that the hair is looked after in a healthy manner. Fewer chemicals ensure a healthy hair growth.
  4. A hair mask ensures that the total hair is looked after in the perfect manner. For the required conditioning and nourishing of the hair you need to apply a hair mask every 2 weeks.
  5. Eliminate the use of hair dryers for the drying of your hair. It is healthier to let this air dry. You can save your hair from damage and fall with natural drying. Pat dry your hair and let this dry natural.
  6. Eating healthy is important for long and healthy hair. Ensure you decide on a balanced diet and avoid all types of junk and processed foods. You need to include enough of protein-rich foods in your diet when you are looking for healthy and long hair.

Using Potato Juice for Growth of Hair:

Potato juice is a natural way you can stimulate your hair. This contains different required vitamins that can increase the levels of oxygen. This tends to restore collagen and also repair. Massaging your scalp with potato juice can activate the scalp cells which are healthy, encouraging hair growth. The starch present in potato juice extracts the excessive oil present. This excessive oil can be one of the causes of damaged hair.

Potato juice which is mixed with lemon juice works well for dry hair and eliminates the thinning of hair and dandruff. This juice can also work well for weak roots.

Tips for using Potato Juice:

Grate the potatoes which are washed and peeled. Squeeze the grated potato and use the juice for a good massage to your hair and scalp. You can even put pieces of potatoes in a blender and get the juice.

Tips for Long and Lustrous Hair: 

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