Beauty Tips and Trends in 2020


Beauty Tips and Trends in 2020

Here is the new decade which is all set to tackle the different types of trends in beauty in 2020.  Most women are beauty conscious and want to follow the latest trends without being left behind. This 2020 is the year where you embrace the ‘make-up’ drama and be casual about this. Following the latest make-up trends can help you be with the ‘crowd’.

Beauty Tips and Trends in 2020:

  1. Pastel Eye shadows:

It has been predicted that ‘pastel’ is in and following this you can use the pastel eye shadow in any which way you like. You can make this subtle or go all out and make this bold. You have the choice of opting for a lick of color with a pastel liner or go all the way and use pastel all over your eye lids. You can also try out the pastel shimmers.

  1. Hair Accessories:

For 2020, as according to a celeb hairstylist hair accessories are back with a bang. Plan on using chiffon scrunches or scrunches which are tulle-like to elevate a bun or an updo. Go for all the crystal hair pins and stack these up for an impact. You can tie your braid in a scarf, a string or even jewels. Adornments in pearls are a big success with hair styles. These can add an unexpected finish to your hair.

  1. Overgrown Eye Brows:

Perfectly sculpted brows are a thing of the past. You need to shape your eyebrows in a way that does not look very obvious. Bushy brows which are overgrown are the on-going trend. A natural and brushed up brow is accepted much more in the world of beauty and fashion. You can decide on using the brow lamination technique.

  1. French Manicures:

This year you see the revival of the French Manicure. There is a bolder take on this with multi-hued and layered tips. You need to add glitter and crystal and alternatives.

  1. Using Cool Tones:

Cool tones are replacing the warm-toned hues. You get to see more of purples greens and blues this 2020. The eye looks will require more of the cool pinks.

  1. Go for the Gloss:

Glossy lips and luminous complexions are back with a bang. You have the jet setters choosing the ‘natural look’ on the skin with a glow. The matte lipsticks can now be discarded as glossy lips are what is to be adapted.

  1. Logos for Nails:

Logos have taken over not only on fabrics but also on the nails. These work out affordable and worth a try. You have a wide range of choices in this ‘logo’ trend.

  1. Use that Blush:

Yes! It is back… blush, which is one of the most underrated product has found its calling. This can transform your total look. You can look fresh and ready even if you are tired at the end of a long day. 2020 sees blush bringing that healthy flush to your total look.

Make a few changes in your total approach towards make-up and fashion and stay ahead of the definite changes in 2020.

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