Beauty Tips to follow this year


Beauty Tips to follow this year

Each one of us is ‘beautiful’ in a unique manner but following some tips can help enhance this beauty in each one of us. Being beautiful is being healthy and fit with the right type of balanced diet, sleep and keeping yourself well hydrated. A few tips followed on a routine basis can definitely be helpful.

  1. Importance of Sleep:

As you are aware getting enough sleep is important not only for your health but also for your skin. With the right amount of sleep, your skin does not get dehydrated and can thus look clean and beautiful. So, make no compromises on your ‘beauty’ sleep and make sure you have a fixed schedule for this.

  1. Avoiding Make-up:

‘Less is more’ and this also applies to the make-up you apply. Try to be as natural as you can and see the difference in your skin. For a simple look you can apply a primer which is mixed with a light foundation.

  1. Happy Skin:

Try using a facial toner for the healthy look instead of a setting spray. You can apply this toner over or under your daily make-up. This offers the all-hydrated look which is definitely beautiful.

  1. Face Mask:

Once in a couple of days relax with a face mask which is appropriate for your skin. Enjoy a movie while the face mask does its job. This is definitely relaxing with an additional benefit.

  1. Clean those Blackheads:

Mix honey and cinnamon and get a paste. This needs to be applied over the blackheads. Cover this with a clean strip of cotton. You can remove this after 5 minutes and then rinse your face with plain water. You have got rid of those distracting blackheads.

  1. Moisturizing Right:

Ensure you make use of the right moisturizing agent in accordance to your skin type. For oily skin you need to use light fluids and emulsions which have natural silicone. For dry skin look for creams which have a base of beeswax sans any water. For skin which is normal you can opt for creams with dimethicone and mineral oils.

Any products you choose for skin-care need to be natural. Yu need to ensure you stay away from chemicals as much as possible. These natural products can slow down the signs of ageing and keep you looking healthy and fresh most of the time. A little time with a small effort is all that is required to enhance your beauty.

Beauty Tips to follow this year

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