Use Tea Bags and Tea for Beauty and Hair


Tea is one of the most favored beverages, especially in India. There is no fixed time as you can have this any time of the day, but using tea or tea bags for hair or even for different beauty problems is not common. Tea is beneficial in more than one way for your hair and beauty. Tea has properties which are anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory. This beverage also has multiple anti-oxidants. This can soothe your skin due to the coolant properties.

Benefits of Tea for Hair and Beauty:

  1. Perfect Toner:

Stop the unnecessary expenses on trying out different toners. Tea has astringent properties and this makes it a totally efficient toner. This can clean the face and also helps in managing the greasiness on the face. All you need to do is wipe a tea bag on your face. This can then be wiped with a clean towel.

  1. Tea for Hair Color:

Color your hair with henna which has black tea in it. You get a hair color that is more intense. This works well for those with gray hair.

  1. Tea for Hair Rinse:

Spray some concoction of black tea on your hair. This can cleanse your scalp and stop shredding of the tresses.

  1. Tea for Chapped Lips:

For alleviating the sting of dry and chapped lips you can use green tea. Apply a tea bag of green tea which has been soaked, on your lips. This relieves the burning sensation and also hydrates the lips.

  1. Tea as a Skin Soother:

Chamomile tea can soothe skin which is inflamed or itchy. This relaxes the tissues which are tense. Apply a tea bag on your face on a regular basis for maximum benefits.

  1. Tea Bag as a Scrubber:

Do not discard the used tea bags. Dry this and cut open. This works as the perfect scrub. You find that your skin is softer and smoother. This is due to the different antioxidants present.

  1. Tea for Blemishes and Sun Burn:

Tea can get rid of sun burn and blemishes due to the presence of tannic acid. Brew a little tea and let this cool. Dip a napkin in thee cooled brew and place this on the area that is affected for around 30 minutes. You also have the choice of applying tea bags to the affected area directly.

  1. Tea for Hair Fall:

Not many are aware that drinking of black tea can help manage your hair loss. The presence of antioxidants scavenges the oxidative stress that is generated through ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). The caffeine also decreases the hormone which causes this loss of hair.

  1. Tea for Lifeless Hair:

For that shine on your hair, all you need to do is rinse your hair with black tea liquor after you have washed this with a mild shampoo. This needs to be repeated at least twice a week for maximum benefits.

Using natural home remedies can be a better choice as this spares you from the risk of the damage caused by chemical laden products.

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