12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year


12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Reflect on the beauty lessons you learnt last year and check how these have worked for you before you make any beauty resolutions for the New Year. Following these beauty resolutions should be a prayer for you if you wish to see a difference in your total look. It is understood that you have taken the basic care of your hair and skin but there is always room for more beauty resolutions which can help you look and feel better. Do not forget that a ‘beautiful’ you is a ‘confident’ you.

Let us go through some of the beauty resolutions which are essential to maintain the ‘beautiful’ you.

  1. Ditch that Chemical Moisturizer:

Chemicals are a big ‘NO’ when talking about beauty products. Applying these and leaving them on your skin for a long time means your skin has that much more time to absorb them and cause the damage you so dread. You can look for Natural products, be it the moisturizer or the eye cream or any make up for that matter. This beauty resolution can only benefit you in the long run.

  1. Remove that layer of Make-up:

You better remove all that make-up before you hit the bed every night. This can give your skin a chance to breathe. Beauty resolutions are not all that difficult to keep as compared to the other New Year resolutions you make. You need to use a good make-up remover which not only cleanses your skin but also helps the moisturizer to do its job.

  1. Lip Care is Important:

Not many of us are aware that our lips have a thin skin and do not have any sweat glands or sebaceous. This means there is negligible protection for them from the sun and the wind. Giving them a wee bit more attention is definitely important and thus needs to be added to the list of your New Year Resolutions. Apply nourishing balms as often as required with sunscreen added. You can also exfoliate them once every week.

  1. Feet Care:

Respect your feet as these support your weight and are most often abused by the footwear you have chosen. Soften the calluses with an electric grater or a nail file. Ensure you take time and moisturize your feet for supple skin. When sleeping you can use a foot cream and cover them with socks if you have damaged skin. This resolution offers comfort and beauty, which is a double benefit.

  1. Hydration for Beauty:

Applying all that make-up and also cleansing your skin on a regular basis is not enough for the beauty you are looking for. This beauty resolution includes being well hydrated. Stay away from all those aerated drinks and beverages and choose clean and filtered water. Drink at least 8 o 10 glasses every day for a glowing skin.

  1. Say ‘NO’ to switch Brands:

The skin cannot be played with. This means you need to make a New Year Resolution not to switch to different brands frequently. Choose a Natural beauty product and stick to this if this has made a positive difference to your skin. Using different brands can lead to damaging your skin.

  1. Learn your Skin:

Before choosing any beauty product, you need to have an understanding of your skin. There are different beauty products for dry skin and different for oily or normal skin. This resolution of knowing your skin before you pick up any beauty product is only going to be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Importance of SPF:

If you intend making only one Beauty Resolution this year, then plan on this resolution of using SPF every day without fail. Most often people tend to overlook the using of sunscreen during the cold winters. This is harmful as there is no protection for your skin from the harmful UV rays.

  1. Don’t fidget with Acne:

This works out an important resolution you need to make during the New Year. It is difficult to keep your hands of your face especially when you are in the break-out mode. It is important to treat the acne or pimple in the right way so that you do not face the discomfort for a long time.

  1. Stop biting your Nails:

Biting nail is a common habit for many. Trying to keep up to this resolution might be tough in the initial stages, once you have succeeded you find a pleasure looking at those beautiful and well-painted hands. This biting of nails can also lead to different infections which is definitely problematic.

  1. Relax for Beauty:

This hectic life which most of us lead, is definitely taxing and can affect not only your physical and mental health but also your skin. You should schedule an hour at least every day for relaxing. This can mean just laying a tub of warm water and listening to your favorite music or even reading a book. The resolution should include keeping your phone away from you at a distance.

  1. Keep the Beauty Kit clean:

Being finicky about your beauty is good but having a dirty kit is not. Wash those make-up brushes and throw out all the beauty products which have expired. You are taking a big risk if you use these expired products on your skin. It is better to spend a little and buy beauty products which are fresh. As said, ‘don’t be penny wise and pound foolish’.

As mentioned, try using beauty products which are natural sans any chemicals. The chemical laden beauty products can have side-effects which are difficult to tackle. Your Beauty Resolution for the New Year should include only deciding on beauty products which are organic and natural.

Natural beauty products do not cause any allergies and are also environmental friendly. Natural beauty products when absorbed by the skin can only make it healthier. You smell fresh and healthy and not synthetic with these beauty products. Make the beauty resolutions and enjoy the fruits.

12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

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