Avoid Weight Gain during Holidays


Avoid Weight Gain during Holidays

It is natural to ‘let-go’ during the holiday season. This means, you are prone to that weight gain which you have managed to shed. With all the festivals approaching, there is no way you can avoid the parties, booze and the yummy treats. You can have your fun but you need to ensure you do not lose out on all that effort you made for losing weight.

*Time for Work-out:

A Cross-fit coach, Julie Upton ensures that instead of less exercise during the holidays, she ensures she can squeeze in more to make up for all those pounds she might have put on. Holidays are the time you can focus on your fitness more instead of less.

*Aware of the Weight:

Keeping your weight stable is easy when you make sure to weight yourself every few days, according to Julie Upton. This frequent watch on the weight helps the dieters stay on track and ensure the required motivation. Studies have proved that overweight people who took the trouble to weight them on a daily basis could lose 20 pounds on an average.

*Tweak the Favorite Recipes:

There are ways and means you can make small changes to your recipes to make these healthier without any compromises made on the taste. Julie Upton advises on using almond flour or wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour, reduce the oils and butter by half of the quantity you normally use, cut down the sugar used by one-third.

*Mocktails for Festivals:

Booze is definitely a culprit for weight gain as this not only stimulates your appetite but is also high in calories. Why not choose mocktails made with sugar and calorie free water infused with herbs and fruits. According to Julie Upton, these drinks can get you in the festival mood without any excessive weight gain.

* Importance of Breakfast:

Breakfast is all the more important when you are busy with the parties and festivities around you. Julie Upton advises on a breakfast with enough of proteins and fiber especially on days when you have a party lined-up in the evening. This can keep your hunger at bay and manage all those cravings. You can choose yogurt with berries, eggs which are soft boiled with avocado toast or pancakes topped with yogurt for breakfast.

*Enough of Sleep:

Ensure there are no compromises made on your sleep. It is known that insufficient sleep tends to trigger the hunger hormones and you go for more of the comfort foods, which are definitely ‘weight gain’ foods.

Avoid Weight Gain during Holidays:

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