Beautiful Skin with Carrots


Beautiful Skin with Carrots

Most people do not mind making that additional effort to have a glowing skin and you have them searching high and low for different products which can benefit their skin. With the passing of time you find that most people who are conscious of their health and skin lean more towards the kitchen instead of the different super markets and malls. Besides the benefits offered by different fruits, vegetables and spices and herbs you find carrot is one vegetable which can make a big difference to your skin. Before listing out the tips for using carrots for your skin, it is important to know the multiple benefits of this.

  1. The vitamin A present in carrots helps in good vision, development and growth and also the function of the immune system.
  2. Biotin in carrots is important for the metabolism of proteins and fats.
  3. The Vitamin K1 in carrots can promote bone health and is also an important requirement for blood coagulation.
  4. Carrots have Vitamin B6 which is used for the conversion of food into the required energy.
  5. The potassium present can help in controlling the blood pressure.

Besides the above benefits, carrots can also lower blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer, help in maintaining eye health and also help in the required loss of weight.

Tips on using Carrots for the Skin:

Some face packs made with carrots can benefit the skin to a large extent.

* Face Pack for Oily Skin:

The vitamin A present in carrots helps in flushing of the excessive oil from the skin. This also frees the skin of the many toxins and helps in maintaining the freshness. Mix 1tbsp of lemon juice, curd and gram flour with 1 cup of carrot juice. Wash this off your face after half an hour with luke warm water.

* Face Mask for Dry Skin:

Add a teaspoon of milk and equal amount of honey to grated half carrot. Apply this to your face and wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes. The potassium present penetrates the layers of the skin and moisturizes it.

*Spray for Sun Protection:

Mix equal parts of rose water with carrot juice and fill this in a spray bottle. Your body and face is well hydrated when you spray this mixture before moving out in the sun. The carotenoids and Beta-carotene in carrots protect the skin against the harshness of the UV rays.

*Anti-ageing Solution:

A mixture of carrot juice and aloe vera can fight the early signs of ageing. The presence of Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen and smoothes the wrinkles.

*Clear Complexion Pack:

A mixture of equal portions of egg white, yogurt and carrot juice works as an ideal face pack to maintain a clear complexion. This can remove the dead cells and give rise to a new and fresh layer of skin.

As carrots are considered to be full of anti-oxidants, these tend to keep the many skin problems at bay.

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