Strength Training for Women


Strength Training for Women:

Studies have proved that women do not work their arms enough and according to Katy Crewe, CSCS, this is absolutely wrong. You need to be aware that women ‘DONOT’ need different equipment as compared to men when working out in the gym.

The founder of the SWEAT app, Kayla Itsine urges women to lift weights but before doing so advices on working out for core stability and postural work. She stresses on building the foundation before going for any new workouts or challenges. It is known that a strong foundation can make a huge difference to that persisting back-pain and can also help in keeping your form intact.

Kayla Itsines further explains that without working on the foundation first, can lead to injury. She recommends on doing a lot of side planks, planks and mobility work along with pull-apart for the required posture. Besides this, after any work-out it is important you take good care of your body.

Strength training can help women to burn calories, stay strong and also build healthy bones. You need to be aware that working with weights can help your body to be in a working condition long after you stop lifting weights. This is termed as the ‘after burn’.

Studies have proved that strength training is ‘essential’ for everyone immaterial of age, gender and other factors.

Strength training includes

  1. Movement of any Weight (including the body weight) : This means you can choose any exercise which can push your muscles out of their comfort zone and force them to rebuild stronger. This prepares the muscles for the following challenge.
  2. Progressive Overload: You need to ensure that you need to put that little more of the effort as compared to the last time. The muscles need to adapt constantly and tend to rebuild themselves into getting stronger.

Muscle and fat are two different things and one cannot transform into the other. All of us have a lot of muscle which is hidden by the layer of fat. For the loss of weight it is important to build muscles into stronger and tighter muscles and reduce the fat which is covering these muscles.

Both of these can b achieved with strength training. That means, you do not need to lose any weight before you start strength training. Strength training works well for loss of weight if you eat fewer calories than what you burn every day and go for progressive overload with the strength training.

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