Many Benefits of Tomatoes for the Skin


Many Benefits of Tomatoes for the Skin

Skin care has taken a turn with most people around the world choosing natural remedies to tackle the different skin problems. Tomato, a vegetable and a fruit, is one such natural ingredient which can be used for your daily skin care regime. Tomatoes are definitely healthy as they are a source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, potassium and also magnesium. The Vitamin C and the potassium present in tomatoes restores the natural glow to your skin and the presence of lycopene, an antioxidant, helps fighting the free radicals.

Benefits of Tomatoes on the Skin:

  1. Reduces the Open Pores:

Tomatoes can work out the perfect choice when you are looking to control blackheads and open pores on your skin. Cut a tomato and rub the half on your face gently. The juice of the tomatoes saturates into the pores. This can be washed off after 15minutes.

  1. Tomatoe for Fair Skin:

Tomatoes have properties of an astringent and can also brighten the skin. These can be combined with mint for a skin which is flawless. Your face looks hydrated and fresh with the addition of mint leaves.

Mix 1 tablespoon of mint paste with 2 tablespoons of tomato pulp and apply this on your skin and leave it to dry. You can then wash this off.

  1. Reduces Effects of Sunburn:

Tomatoes can give the skin a fair and fresh look and can deal with sunburn. You need to combine buttermilk with tomato juice and apply this on your skin. This application can get rid of any rashes due to the sunburn and also soothe the skin, even out the redness which is caused due to the sunburn and reduce the heat on the surface of the skin.

  1. Tomatoes can prevent Signs of Ageing:

Using tomatoes on the skin can help the skin to absorb more of oxygen and thus, prevent the signs of ageing. This natural treatment makes the skin look brighter, younger and even healthier.

  1. Removes Dead Cells:

You can remove the dead cells by using tomatoes. All you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of sugar to 2 tomatoes which are ground. This needs to be rubbed gently on your face for around 10 minutes or so.

  1. Tomatoes as Skin Toner:

Toner is an important skin care regime as this helps in keeping your skin supple and soft and also well hydrated. Mix the juice of 1 tomato with the juice of 1 cucumber. You can store this in a spray bottle and sprinkle this when you return home from the outdoors. This can be refrigerated for 4 days.

You need to ensure you are not allergic to tomatoes as this can lead to rashes, redness and itching. Before adapting the skin care regime with tomatoes, try this out on a small patch of skin and ensure there is no reaction. If your skin is unable to tolerate tomatoes, you can always increase the intake or probably have a tomato juice.

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