Get rid of Dark Circles with Different foods


Get rid of Dark Circles with Different foods

Tackling dark circles is definitely tough for most of us. This skin under the eyes is one of the most delicate skins in a human body. Dark circles can be due to excessive stress, lack of sleep, consumption of alcohol and caffeine, the ageing process and even insufficient intake of water. Most often we overlook the important of a healthy diet and life style for removing these troublesome dark heads and instead concentrate on the different creams and lotions available in the market. Here we list some of the foods which can help you manage this problem of dark circles.

  1. Watermelon:

Water melon has almost 92% of water which can help in balancing the water ratio in our system. This also contains Vitamin B1, B6 along with Vitamin C, fiber, beta carotene and lycopene and also magnesium and potassium.

  1. Black Currant:

Blood circulation can be improved with the intake of black currant. This is more so of the optical nerve of the eyes. More oxygen is supplied to the tissues due to the presence of anthocyanins and the dark circles can be managed effectively.

  1. Tomato:

The antioxidants in tomato help in protecting the blood vessels under the eyes and also improve the circulation of blood. A healthy skin is maintained due to the presence of beta carotene, Vitamin C, quercetin, lutein and lycopene in tomatoes.

  1. Sesame:

Sesame is considered as a ‘magic’ food when dealing with the problem of dark circles. The vitamin E present in sesame eases the dark circle formation. This can nourish not only the eyes but also the ocular.

  1. Cucumber:

Due to the high content of water in cucumbers, your body is well hydrated and the dark circles can be managed easily. This contains silica which is helpful in boosting the collagen, sulphur which is apt for the strengthening of the skin, and Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and also Vitamin K. These tend to increase the elasticity of the skin and helps in the removal of dark circles.

Most people who face this problem of dark circles need to be aware that this is normally due to fatigue or the ageing process. There is no need of taking any tensions for the dark circles but if over a period of time you find the swelling or the discoloration increasing, you need to consult a dermatologist to find the exact cause.

Get rid of Dark Circles with Different foods

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