Beauty Tips for face – 10 Do’s and Don’ts to get Beautiful Skin Naturally


Beauty Tips for face – 10 Do’s and Don’ts to get Beautiful Skin Naturally

Most of us are looking for a radiant and glowing skin which can speak of good health and fitness. The skin does reflect your inner health and getting a flawless skin is not all that difficult. This might take a little time but it is, for sure, possible. To help you get the skin you always wanted we list a few tips.

  1. Water:

 *Do Drink Lots of Water:

Water is not only important for the overall health but is also important for that flawless complexion. You might be aware of the fact that drinking enough and more of water can flush out the different toxins from our body and leave it healthy.

*Do not consume Juices:

When talking about hydration, it is important to concentrate on the intake of plain and simple water and not all those sugary drinks or the different juices and sodas you reach out for when you are thirsty.

  1. Sleep:

*Ensure Quality Sleep:

Create an atmosphere which is suitable for getting the required sleep. Switch off the lights and ensure you have a comfortable bed to sleep. This helps in the repair of the damaged cells and rejuvenates your skin.

*No Distractions:

It is important to ensure you keep away those mobile phones and not check the messages. This can wait till the next morning. These electronic devices can play havoc with the quality of sleep you so need.

  1. Eating:

*Healthy Eating:

Munch on healthy snacks if you are hungry in-between your meals. You can safely have a salad or munch on a fruit. You can also choose different nuts which have a load of different nutrients. This is healthy and can also help you in losing some weight.

*Junk Food is a ‘NO’:

Processed foods and all the chips and other fried stuff you normally eat are a big ‘NO’ when you are looking for a healthy skin. These are harmful in more than one way and need to be kept at a distance.

  1. Showers:

*Warm Showers:

It is definitely important to stress on cleanliness and for this you need to have a shower at least twice a day. Once, before you leave for work and the next one when you come home tired and exhausted. You not only feel relaxed with this but you tend to cleanse your skin also.

*No ‘Hot’ Showers:

However tempting a hot shower might feel, it is best to avoid these. This spoils the natural balance of your skin and can also make your skin dry, robbing it off the essential nutrients and oils.

  1. Protection from the Sun:

*Do use Sunscreen:

It is essential that you use sunscreen whenever you step out of the house, be it summers or winters. The UV rays are equally harmful in any season.

Avoid Harsh Sunlight:

Summers are one season which can harm your skin. It is advisable not to venture out when it is too hot. The UV rays are damaging in more than one way. This can lead to wrinkles and premature ageing. You can re-schedule your outings during those hot days.

  1. Skincare Products:

*Go Natural:

Skin care products are definitely required for the basic skin care. Why not choose natural products which are as good, if not better, than those available in the market. Using different types of chemicals on your skin is asking for trouble.

* Do not overdo the Skin Care:

Going over-board with the skin care regime is not helpful in any way. You need to know that a beautiful and flawless skin is possible with a patient routine. Use skin care products to the minimum, or better, use only those which you require and nothing more.

  1. Exercise:

*Regular Exercise:

Get active and get those limbs moving as this is not only beneficial for your physical and mental health but can also ensure a healthy skin. Good exercise, which you enjoy, can improve the circulation of blood and help in the skin health.

*Do not skip skin care:

It is essential to look after your skin well even when you are going for a normal workout. Apply a toner so that there is minimum production of oil. After the workout, ensure you use an exfoliator and moisturizer also.

  1. Tackle Acne:

*Warm water for Face:

Washing your face with warm water at least three times a day can bring down the risk of acne. You need to massage your face with a natural cleanser or use ‘fuller’s earth’ as a face pack.

*Do not pop Pimples:

Keep your hands away from your face, especially when you are going through a break-out. Fidgeting with a pimple can lead to the swelling increasing, causing more of a problem.

  1. Spa Everyday:

*Do choose a skin care regime for everyday use:

Using a cherry mask before bedtime every night can tackle the problem of dry skin.

*Do not Neglect:

Make sure you schedule an appointment with a beautician at least once a month for a facial or a clean-up. Professional can only add to the skin care you have decided on.

  1. Pillow change:

*Do ensure clean pillows:

It is important to sleep on a pillow which is clean and washed. This can help in preventing the possibility of germs or other bacteria attacking your skin when you are sleeping.

*Do not use Dirty Beds:

You might get lazy and not change the bed covers or pillow covers regularly. Get out of that slumber as a dirty bed sheet or even a pillow cover can badly affect your skin.

Beauty products which are natural are fast gaining popularity. These are free of chemicals and also work out as a cost-effective option for skin care. Most of the required skin care products can be got from your kitchen. You are not supposed to hunt in those fancy malls and other outlets. Besides getting rid of the risks of different skin allergies and irritation, these natural skin care products offer a natural fragrance.

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