Tomato for Skin Care


Tomato for Skin Care

One of the most effective ways to deal with different skin problems is use tomatoes. This works as a natural remedy which is safe. Tomatoes contain high levels of Vitamin C and potassium which can restore the required glow to your face. The lycopene present in tomatoes is an antioxidant which can fight the free radicals present. This can also help in tackling problems with sun damage and age related. Tomatoes reduce the excessive sebum on the surface of the skin. This brings down the risk of blackheads as the excess oil in the skin is well managed.

  1. Tomatoes as a Skin Lightener:

For using tomatoes as a skin lightener, you need to mix 2tsps of fuller’s earth with the pulp of 1 tomato. To this paste you need to add 1 tsp. of mint paste. This needs to be applied to a clean skin till the time it is dry. This makes the skin taut and fresh and also lightens the skin.

  1. Tomatoes for reducing Pores:

As mentioned, tomatoes can help in reducing the black heads and the open pores. All you need to do is rub a cut tomato on your face till the juice saturates. You can wash this off after around 15 minutes.

  1. Tomatoes for reducing Oil:

Rubbing a cut tomato on your face and letting this dry for around 5 minutes before you wash this off, can make your skin glow sans any excessive oil.

  1. Tomatoes for reducing Sun Burn Effects:

The Vitamins A and C in tomatoes can help in making the skin look taut and fresh and brings down the sun burn effects. Mix butter milk with the juice of tomato. This needs to be applied to the affected area. This can soothe the skin and bring down the redness and reduce the heat.

  1. Tomato and Sugar Scrub:

Blend 2 cubes of ice with two lemons along with the peels, 2 tomatoes and around 20 leaves of mint. Mix 5 tablespoons of sugar into this concoction. This scrub can be used on the neck, face and hands till the time the sugar has melted. This scrub works well for de-tan, exfoliating and cleansing the skin. You need to use this scrub two times in a week for maximum effects.

Tomatoes offer multiple health benefits besides benefitting the skin. It is a known fact that tomatoes can help in the prevention of clots, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Tomato for Skin Care

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