Tips for a Special Glow during Festivals


Skin Glow: Festivals are the time of the year when everyone wants to look their best. Most women make extra effort to try getting that glowing skin which is the envy of the other women. The salons and parlor benefit during this season. Instead of wasting your money on all those chemicals ensuring a glow to your skin, why not try out some natural ingredients or different masks and scrubs.

Go for a disciplined beauty regime early enough so that you can get the special glow you are so wanting.

  1. Honey:

Here is a facial pack with totally natural ingredients to ensure glowing skin.

Mix a 2 tsp paste of hibiscus flowers with 2 teaspoons of the paste of rose petals. Mix this with full cream. Apply this paste on your feet and hands and wash it off after around 10 minutes. You now need to massage your hands and feet with honey for soft supple skin.

  1. Nut Scrub:

Scrubbing helps in getting rid of the dead cells in the skin. This also helps in toning and cleansing the skin.  Good clean skin is sure to glow. For that resonating glow to your skin, you need to use nuts and herbs.

Soak around ¼ tsp of saffron in 4 tsp of milk. Make a powder of 5 pistachios and 10 almonds. Make a paste of 1 fig by adding a little milk and mix 2 tsp of sandalwood powder in this. Mix all the ingredients in the saffron milk. Apply this mix to a clean and dry skin. When this gets dry you can dab it with orange juice and scrub the pack off. In case you have adry skin you need to use honey water.

Wash your face with clean, cold water.

  1. Gold mist:

The gold mist has been used for skin treatment for decades. This has anti-aging properties and can rejuvenate your skin.

Take 100 ml of spring water and boil this for 20 minutes after you have put 2 gold coins in it. Strain this into a spray bottle. This can be stored in the fridge. You can spray this on your face two times a day. You have the choice of using silver coins in case you do not have gold coins.

  1. Hair Pack:

Dry and frizzy hair can play spoilsport to your looks on festivals. It is advisable to look after this before the arrival of any festivals. Regular oil massage and herbal packs can ensure your hair is the crowning glory it is supposed to be.

Mix 2 tbsp of arretha with 2tsp of amla powder, 2 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2tsp of shikakai powder and 2 tsp of triphala powder

Mix these ingredients with 2 eggs or you can use ½ cup yogurt. This needs to be applied from the roots to the tips of your hair. You can wash this off only after around 45 minutes.

The above- mentioned tips can make you look and feel beautiful from hair to toes.

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