Fight Acne the Natural Way


Fight Acne the Natural Way: Acne is a common problem faced by mostly youngsters. This happens when the pores are either infected with bacteria or the pores are clogged. The safest way to tackle this problem is  by going ‘natural’. There are natural ingredients that can reduce inflammation, balance the level of oil in the skin and prevent any breakouts in the future.

Here are some tips to help you manage this problem of acne in a natural manner.

  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera can bring down the acne and also avoid any breakouts as this is not only anti-inflammatory but also anti-bacterial. This is considered to be one of the best moisturizer as it has a high content of water. Those with dry skin need to include the use of aloe vera in the daily beauty regime.

Make sure you clean your face well before applying the aloe vera gel.

  1. Garlic:

Garlic is known to boost the ability of the body to fight different infections and germs. This also helps in treating different infections. You have the choice of adding a lot of garlic to the food you consume or even chew on a few pods if you can tolerate the taste.

  1. Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil contains a waxy substance that helps in repairing damaged skin. This speeds up the healing process. There are specific compounds in this oil that can fight the inflammation and reduce the redness around the acne or pimple.

You can mix a few drops of jojoba oil in your cream and apply this on your face.

  1. Green Tea:

Cathechins, which are a group of polyphenol antioxidants, are present in the green tea. Most of the people suffering from a recurring problem of acne have an excess of body oils or serum and not the required amount of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are required by the body to break down the waste matter and chemicals which can be harmful to the body. Green tea can help in clearing some of the waste and debris that has built- in the acne sores.

The compounds present in green tea also help in reducing the acne, reduce the production of sebum in the skin, and reduce the inflammation.

You have the choice of using the extract of green tea on your skin or consume this regularly.

  1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can destroy the bacteria which causes acne. You need to rub the coconut oil on the acne directly.

Make sure you do not ever touch the acne. Look for cleansing soaps with a low pH or those which are less acidic. Skin-care needs to be oil-free. The most important factor to manage the acne is to ensure you are well hydrated. Try sipping on plain and simple water whenever you are thirsty; avoid all those sodas or even juices. As known, stress is a major cause of many ailments. Meditate, do yoga, go for a long walk, in short, do all that it takes to get rid of stress, not only for the acne but also for your overall health.


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