Benefits of Honey


Benefits of Honey

Not many are aware that honey is deemed as the top health food globally. This is one of the most widely used sweeteners which offer multiple health benefits. Different cultures also use this as a base medicine, more so in Ayurveda. Before listing out the multiple health benefits, here are some beauty benefits that honey offers.

  1. Make a mixture of honey and lemon juice and pour this into a sugaring wax. This is used for waxing off unwanted hair on your hands and legs. This mix can also make your skin soft and supple.
  2. Those with sensitive skin need to make a face mask with brown sugar, honey, lemon juice, and olive oil. This removes the dead cells and reveals a complexion that is vibrant and soft.
  3. Mix milk and honey in your bath to get rid of flaky skin and also moisturize your skin.
  4. Apply a little honey on the areas which have scars. This needs to be bandaged in the night before sleeping.
  5. A mixture of brown sugar, honey, and olive oil is one of the most preferred treatments for chapped lips.
  6. Dab a little honey on the areas of the skin which are sunburn. This brings down the discomfort.

Other Health Benefits of Honey:

  • Immunity Strengthened:

Honey is known to have anti-bacterial properties and a lot of antioxidants. This helps the body to fight different infections by bacteria and viruses. Consuming buckwheat honey on a daily basis can work as an immunity booster. This can be consumed before breakfast for maximum benefits.

  • Remedy for Cough:

Honey works well for wet cough as well as dry cough. Research has proved that sipping on a tablespoon of honey offers relief for the cough.

  • Boosts your Memory:

Including honey in your daily diet helps in concentration and can also boost your memory. This helps in soothing and calming the brain and spares you from metabolic stress. The therapeutic properties along with the natural antioxidants present in honey can help in boosting the cholinergic system of the brain and also improves circulation.

  • Natural Energy Drink:

For that instant boost of energy, you can consume a tablespoon of honey or even have honey mixed in a glass of water. . The sugar which is present in honey is unprocessed, and enters the bloodstream directly, offering the required energy.

  • Relief from Sinus:

The increase in the pollution levels and excessive dust causes allergy in many people. This sinus problem can be managed by the intake of a tablespoon of honey in the mornings. Honey is not only an anti-biotic but also works as an anti-septic. This helps in reducing inflammations and clears the infections.

  • Helps with the Disease of the Gums:

As known, honey helps in treating wounds due to the property of infection-healing. Regular use of honey helps in treating gum and teeth diseases like gingivitis, plaque ,or even bleeding. This releases hydrogen peroxide which works as an anti-microbial agent and prevents bacteria growth.

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