Add Drumsticks for Beauty


Add Drumsticks for Beauty

Drumsticks are one vegetable which is rarely used. This is most common in South Indian recipes but you need to be aware that consuming drumsticks offers a wide range of benefits. This vegetable is known to have a high content of nutrition. Listed are few benefits of this wonder vegetable.

*Helps in improving the digestive health.

*Regulates the levels of blood sugar.

*Helps in purifying the blood.

*Developing bones

*Helps in relieving respiratory disorders.

*Helps in purifying the blood.

*Helps in fighting infections.

*Boosts immunity

*Fights the flu and also the cold.

*Known as a lung tonic.

Besides the many health benefits drumsticks offer, you need to know that this works well for your beauty regime.

  1. Slows down the Ageing Process:

Regular use of drumsticks on the skin prevents the radical damage. This is known to slow down the ageing of the skin. It can also eliminate wrinkles and fine lines of ageing. You can make use of the drumsticks leaves or the oil for the skin.

  1. Improves the Complexion:

Using drumsticks can even the tone of the skin besides getting rid of the blemishes. Make a paste of the leaves and apply it to the areas which are affected.

  1. Moisturizing of the Lips:

There are multiple lip balms which use drumsticks as one of the ingredients. This can moisturize the skin on the lips and also make them supple.

  1. Reduces the Large Pores:

Using drumsticks on the skin can tighten the skin as this acts on the large pores. It is known to contain a collagen protein which is perfect for boosting the health of the skin. This brings down the number of pores.

  1. Removing Toxins:

Acne and pimple breakout is a sign of toxins in the blood. An intake of drumstick seeds or even drumsticks can help in purifying your blood. This can definitely lead to a healthy and clear skin.

  1. Fights Acne:

Acne breakouts can be prevented by the application of drumstick oil on the face. This is due to the properties of drumsticks which are anti-bacterial. You can also apply the paste of the drumsticks leaves instead of the oil.

Drumstick Face Mask:

The powder of drumsticks is often used in face masks due to the vitamins present. This powder is got from the leaves which are dried in the sun. The dried leaves are ground to a fine powder and mixed with the face mask. You need to mix honey, rose water and drumstick leaves powder along with water and lemon juice.

This paste needs to be applied for around 10 minutes and washed off with water which is luke warm. After you have dried your face you can apply a moisturizer. Avoid buying drumsticks which have big bumps as these are old drumsticks and might taste bitter.

Drumsticks are loaded with valuable vitamins, minerals and healthy proteins. Besides consuming this, you can also use it for good skin health. If required, you can consult a dermatologist before the use of this wonder vegetable.

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