5 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Almonds


Benefits of Almonds:

The benefits and importance of almonds in a diet has been realized by your forefathers. Besides being a good source of plant proteins, almonds contain Vitamin E, fatty acids and also magnesium. Almonds are not nuts but are a type of fruits called drupes. These improve the production of antibodies and cells which can fight against different diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hair loss, cancer, high cholesterol and a lot more. Almonds are also the ‘right’ nourishment for the hair and the skin.

  1. Manage the Levels of Cholesterol:

Almonds contain potassium, magnesium, proteins and mono-unsaturated fats, these work perfect for the health of the heart.

  1. Improved Digestion:

Your digestive system is stronger with the intake of almonds as they contain insoluble fibers. These can boost the metabolism and also work well for constipation issues.

  1. Beautiful Skin:

Almonds can help in the nourishment of the skin as these contain a lot of vitamin E. The anti-oxidant properties of this vitamin block the free radicals and thus can bring down the process of ageing.

  1. Energy Levels:

The presence of copper, magnesium and riboflavin in almonds ensure there is no dip in your energy levels. Your physical alertness is at an all-time high with the consumption f almonds as they are a good source of proteins.

  1. Aid in Weight Loss:

Consuming enough almonds on a daily process can ensure weight loss as these can keep you satiated for a long period of time without any hunger cravings.

Almonds in Face Masks:

As almonds have a high content of Vitamin E, these can work ideal in different face masks.

*Almonds with milk and Grounded Oats for Glowing Skin:

Mix 2tbsps of almonds with 3tbsps raw milk and 1tbsps of grounded oats. This facemask needs to be in a paste form without any lumps. You need to apply this before you sleep at night. You can clean your face with a cotton ball dipped in rose water before applying the mask. Wash this off the next morning or even after 20 minutes for maximum benefits.

*Almond with Milk for removing tan:

Mix 2tbsp of raw milk with 1tbsp of almond powder. Apply this paste on your neck and face only after you have washed your face properly. Rinse this only after 20 minutes with water which is lukewarm. You can use this paste for your legs and arms also for removing any tan.

* Almonds, turmeric and Gram Flour:

Mix 2tbsps of gram flour with 1tbsp of almond powder and 1 tbsp of turmeric. You can make a paste of this by adding a few drops of rose water. Keep the face mask on for almost 15 minutes. You can use normal water for rinsing.

Studies have proved that almonds nourish the hair and also help you manage diabetes as these have a GI index which is low.

Ensure you include this wonder food in your diet everyday for maximum benefits not only to your overall health but also for a beautiful skin and healthy tresses.

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