Vitamin C for Healthy and Happy Skin


Vitamin C for Healthy and Happy Skin

Vitamin C is considered to be a potent antioxidant which can neutralize the free radicals and thus is definitely important for the skin. Due to these properties, Vitamin C aids in the natural regeneration process of the skin and can help in repairing the damaged skin cells. This vitamin has multiple benefits as this helps in maintaining the health of the bones and also helps in fighting the cold virus. Consuming vitamin C on a regular basis is important as this is one vitamin which is not made by the human body.

Drinks with Vitamin C:

  1. Mango Kiwi Fuzz:

Mango is one fruit which contains almost 60 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. This delicious fruit widely available during summer goes well with kiwis and pampering your skin is easy with this combination.

  1. Orange and Ginger Drink:

You get almost 64 percent of the Vitamin C required in only 100 grams of oranges. Adding turmeric along with ginger in the orange juice can be termed as a ‘complete’ drink for the required detoxification.

  1. Chilled Mango Soup:

Mango soup is different from the rest of the soups. You need to add ripe tomatoes to this soup to make it delicious and healthy as tomatoes are another source of this very essential Vitamin C.

  1. Mint Kiwi Lemonade:

Lemons and kiwis are rich in Vitamin C. This drink works well for tackling the heat in summers and also for the healthy skin you are looking for.

Besides providing multiple benefits for the skin, this vitamin offers different health benefits. These are

*Vitamin C can reduce the damage from any type of inflammation and also repair tissues. Those who concentrate on the intake of vitamin C are able to fight off infections better. This vitamin helps in preventing respiratory infections especially in those who are malnourished.

*With adequate level of Vitamin C, your body can reduce the growth of tissues which are cancerous.

*This vitamin helps in the protection of heart diseases as this can help in widening the blood vessels.

*Risks of macular degeneration and cataract can be brought down with the intake of vitamin C.

*This vitamin enhances the absorption of iron.

Having too much of this vitamin does not cause problem normally but more than 1000 mg a day is difficult to be absorbed by the intestine and can possibly lead to gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea.

Vitamin C for Healthy and Happy Skin


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