Tips for Overall Beauty


Tips for Overall Beaut: What is beauty? This is what you eat and what you are as an individual. To enhance this inner beauty you need to ensure a healthy and glowing skin with long and lustrous hair and clean feet and hands. In short, you need to ensure each part of you is ‘beautiful’. How do you do this? Choose a well balanced diet, keep yourself well hydrated, exercise and ensure you get your quality sleep for the required amount of time. You need to be aware that your genes and lifestyle are also responsible for your ‘beauty’.

Tips for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails:

Here are few ways that can help you get healthy hair, skin and nails.

  1. Regular Trim:

Go for regular trimming of your hair. This trimming helps in getting rid of damaged and broken hair.

  1. No Hair Dryers:

Avoid using hair dryers or curlers. The heat generated by these accessories is harmful to your hair. Leave it natural.

  1. Sun Protection:

Protect your hair from the natural heat by wearing a hat when you step out of the house. It is best to avoid moving out in the sun, if possible. This can also help in maintaining healthy skin. You need to ensure you use a sunscreen lotion every time you go out. The harsh UV rays damage the skin cells and cause wrinkles and premature ageing.

  1. Stay well Hydrated:

Try sipping on plain fresh water whenever you are thirsty instead of going for a bottle of soda or other aerated drinks. With enough intake of water you are ensured of the toxins getting flushed out. Every tissue, cell and organ in your body needs water for functioning properly. This intake of water leads to healthy skin, hair and also nails.

  1. De-stress and Relax:

Stress leads to unwelcome changes in your body. This can also make your hair dull and life-less, and increase the brittleness of your nails. In short, this stress is no solution to any problem and can only cause trouble to your overall health. Try different techniques to de-stress. You can unwind by listening to your favorite music or probably just lie down with your favorite book. The best solution to stress is meditation. You need only around 15 minutes of meditation included in your daily routine.

  1. Get Quality Sleep:

Sleep is the time when your body takes over to do the entire repairing job. You need a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep. Stay away from your phone, laptop and other distractions when it is time to hit the bed.

  1. Stay away from Cigarettes:

Smoking is one evil which can cause multiple problems. This can affect your heart, kidney, liver and other organs. This can also affect your skin and hair. It is difficult to give this up once you form a habit but you need to know you have no choice.

Finally, include some sort of exercise in your routine. This will increase the flexibility of your body and also help in keeping you mentally and physically fit.

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