Diet for a Glowing Skin


Are you aware that your diet can play an important role not only on your overall health but also the health of your skin? To ensure that glowing and radiant skin you need to follow some specific rules with your daily diet. This is definitely confusing. To help you out with this ‘serious’ problem, we list out some foods you need to include and other foods which need to be eliminated from your diet for the healthy skin you are looking for.

What to Eat:

  1. Papaya:

Papaya can be your solution to good skin health as this contains ample of active enzymes. This not only removes the blemishes but can also reduce the inflammation on your skin. The enzymes cleanse the skin and also unclog the pores.

  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one spice which can be termed as ‘essential’ as this spice not only beautifies you but can also be beneficial for your overall health. The inflammation in your body can be well managed by the active antioxidants present in turmeric. This brings down the risk of dark spots and helps in getting the healthy and glowing skin you so desire.

  1. Blueberries:

Blueberries fight the free radicals and protect the cells from any damage due to the presence of antioxidants. Your skin tends to look healthier as these berries boost the strength of the collagen.

  1. Avocado:

Stop wasting your money on the beauty products which are chemically laden. All you need to do is ensure you consume avocado every day. This fruit keeps you well hydrated and protects the skin from any type of damage.

What to Avoid:

  1. Coffee:

Did you know that more than 2 cups of coffee in a day can make your skin feel and look dull? This can make the skin thin and lead to premature ageing. Why not try giving up on the totally and choose a healthy fruit juice instead.

  1. Sweets:

It is difficult to give-up on sweets, especially for those who have a ‘sweet tooth’. You need to know that consumption of sweets can affect your overall health besides your skin. You can lose your natural glow and also suffer from acne when you consume sweets.

  1. Alcohol:

Alcohol is known to cause dehydration as it is diuretic. This dehydrates the skin and makes it dry and rough. You can also go through premature ageing with intake of alcohol.

  1. Chips:

It is difficult to give up on chips as these are addictive. Understanding the problem this can cause to your skin, you might get convinced to eliminate this from your daily snacks. The excessive salt present in chips leads to inflammation of the skin.

Now that you have a clear picture of what to have and what not to have, getting that glowing and radiant skin will not be difficult at all. Be aware of what you eat and you find yourself a healthier and beautiful individual.

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