Benefits of using Milk for the Skin


Milk has multiple health benefits but are you aware that this dairy product can work wonders for the health of your skin? Besides a high content of Vitamin D and vitamin A, milk is filled with lactic acids that work as skin care additives. Understanding the many benefits of applying milk to your skin daily might help you adopt this practice.

Here is a list of the nutrients present in milk and their many benefits.

  1. Vitamin A can treat flaky, dry and peeling skin. This is required for healthy cell division.
  2. Vitamin D is ideal for a glowing and healthy skin. This not only slows down the wrinkles and the fine lines but can also boost the production of collagen. This protects the skin from free radicals that promote aging. Vitamin D can also promote the elasticity of the skin, fade the dark spots and reduce acne.
  3. Vitamin B6 which is important for the formation of the new cell of the skin. This can keep the skin healthy and well moisturized.
  4. Protein helps in the tissue growth and repair and also promotes skin which is free of wrinkles.
  5. Biotin heals withered and dry skin and revitalizes the cracked, dry skin.
  6. Vitamin B12 has skin-lightening properties which can also heal uneven and rough skin.
  7. Potassium moisturizes and hydrates the skin and solves the problem of itchy and dry skin.
  8. Lactic acid works well for dry skin as this can nourish, hydrate and moisturize dry skin.
  9. Calcium boost the production of collagen and makes up the top layer of the skin. This can also fight the activity of the free radicals and promote the elasticity of the skin.
  10. Selenium fights the free radicals which are culprits of skin ageing and protects the skin against the damage caused by the sun. This helps in maintaining the firmness of the skin.
  11. Magnesium helps in a radiant and youthful skin. And also slows down the process of ageing.

Uses of Milk for the Skin:

  • You can use milk as a face cleanser as this can clear the clogged pores of all the dirt and grime. Rub raw milk with a cotton ball gently all over your face.
  • Milk works well even as a moisturizer. All you need to do is apply this on your face with a cotton ball and leave it on for around 10 minutes. Wash this off with cold water.
  • Apply raw milk on your tan with the help of a wash cloth. For best results you need to repeat this process at least three times a week before you go for your shower.
  • Use milk dabbed in a cotton ball for soothing sun burns.

Make maximum use of this natural beauty treatment and get that glowing and healthy skin you have always wanted. You can also mix it with different ingredients to make natural face packs and scrubs. A little effort and some patience is all you need for a healthy skin.

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