Benefits of Brahmi for Hair


Benefits of Brahmi for Hair

Brahmi is an herb found in wetlands which are muddy. This herb is enriched with a number of biochemical compounds like Herpestine, Brahmine, sterols, saponins and alkaloids. This magical herb is used in Ayurveda for boosting the health and as a tonic for different ailments. Brahmi is beneficial for treating insomnia, reducing stress, treating Alzheimer’s, dealing with mental problems and also for loss of hair. Hair packs made of Brahmi can control the fall of hair and also ensure good hair health. Here are some of the benefits of Brahmi for hair.

Using Brahmi for hair can help in reducing the dandruff and also keeps the ‘itchy’ scalp problem at bay.

  1. Hair Packs of Brahmi:

Herbal packs can be considered as the best option to cure hair loss. You need to mix herbs which work beneficial for your hair and make a pack.

Mix ½ cup of Brahmi powder with 2 teaspoon of reetha powder, amla powder, neem powder and shikakai powder. Mix all these powders with water to make a paste. Apply this mixture on your hair totally including the tips and the roots. Rinse this off after an hour with the normal shampoo you use.

  1. Brahmi Leaves and Amla Oil for Hair Growth:

With a high content of nutrients present in amla, this works magical for hair loss. Mixed with Brahmi, this can also prevent the graying of hair prematurely. Using this mixture for a certain time span helps you get the shine you always wished for in your hair.

Mix the leaves of Brahmi in amla oil which is warm. After this mixture is soaked overnight, you can apply this on your hair in the morning. You can wash this off after an hour or so.

  1. Brahmi Powder with Coconut Milk for Hair Loss:

Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with Brahmi powder and ½ the amount of coconut milk. You need to make a paste of this and if required, you can also add some coconut water. You can wash this off after around an hour after application.

The coconut milk used in this paste prevents frizzy hair and also dryness. Coconut oil is known to control hair loss and this combination used for a period of one month or so helps in controlling hair loss.

  1. Brahmi Powder and Mustard Oil for Hair Loss:

Mix around 5 teaspoons of Brahmi powder to 7 teaspoons of mustard oil. Make sure the mustard oil is heated before you mix the Brahmi powder. This needs to be applied to the scalp when it is hot. Rinse after an hour with an herbal shampoo.

The many nutrients present in mustard oil helps in getting healthy and voluminous hair. These nutrients also help in preventing hair loss. Mixed with Brahmi powder, mustard oil can also prevent the pre-mature graying.

Brahmi is an herb which is beneficial in multiple ways. Before using this for different ailments, it is advisable to consult a doctor as this does have its own set of side-effects.

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