A Guide to Use the StairMaster


A Guide to Use the StairMaster

To ensure you can benefit to the maximum with the Stairmaster it is important to ensure a proper technique and form according to Candy Morales, who is a personal trainer with a clientele of the A list . Used in the right manner, the Stair Master can benefit your glutes, heart, claves, hamstrings, quads and core. You need to spend only 20 minutes in a day and this needs to be done only thrice a week. This improves cardiovascular strength and endurance.

* Warming up is important:

Morales says that body can only adapt to the demands made on this if you ensure the warm-ups before you use the StairMaster. Before the work-out, make sure you do the warming up exercises for around 10 minutes. Climb the stairs slowly so that you are not gasping for breath when having a conversation can increase the flow of blood to the muscles and also raise the temperature of the body. With this you tend to decrease the risk of any injury.

*Maintaining Posture:

A good posture helps in putting strains to the right body parts, like the hamstrings and glutes instead of the back. Not being cautious of your posture can turn down the glutes and also put a strain on your back. The important part of this posture is to ensure that the spine is straight as advised by Candy Morales.

*Step like in Normal Stairs:

You need to be aware that this machine, the StairMaster, is meant to simulate the actual stairs. It is thus important to plant the entire foot on each of the steps so that the effort is made from the heels. You need to be aware that the required results are possible only if the action is from the heels. Only with the right planting of the heels you are benefitted with the right contractions in the hamstrings and the glutes.

*Different Exercises to ensure experiment:

You can use a leg extension with each of the steps for maximizing the hamstrings, lower back and glutes. You can try walking by crisscrossing your legs. This movement helps in the work-out of the outer thigh and the inner thigh.

 According to Candy Morales, using the StairMaster in the ‘right’ way can offer benefits from head to toe. This can strengthen the lungs and the heart and also helps in burning calories for the required loss of weight. Besides the core muscle strength you are benefitted with healthier bones, stronger hamstrings and strong quadriceps.

Similar to the treadmill, the StairMaster has different settings so that you can mix up your work-outs.

A Guide to Use the StairMaster:

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